IEEE1588 Chips

IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) is a packet-based two-way communications protocol specifically designed to precisely synchronize distributed clocks to nanosecond resolution, typically on an Ethernet or IP-based network.Combined with physical layer technologies such as SyncE, IEEE 1588 can provide  more accurate time calibration. Dapu offers the industry’s most comprehensive and single Chip of IEEE 1588 solution with a range of products.

One-Chip Sync Solution

  • On chip packet filtering algorithm, BMCA and clock management 

  • No risk from CPU loading & multi-task 

  • Seamless integration of all clocks(SETS, PTP, SyncE & hybrid)

  • Flexible Timestamping options (3 Modes)

Easy for Design In

  • No CPU load

  • Simple interface used only for control and configuration of DPSync

  • Free API code provided for easy design

  • Zero-effort upgrade: new FW maintains API interface compatibility

  • Support for all system architectures

Support Most Profile

  • G.8261

  • G.8262

  • G.8265.1

  • G.8275.1

  • G.8273.2


  • PTN,IP Backhaul,

  • Aggregation,Routers,

  • Switches,PON,

  • Node B,uWave

ACS9520 Multiple simultaneous masters and hybrid salves. GBA-256 14 mm x 14 mm
ACS9522 Multiple masters and hybrid salves with RAM &SETS GBA-324 19 mm x 19 mm
ACS9521 Multiple masters and hybrid salves, with RAM. GBA-324 19 mm x 19 mm
ACS9528 Multiple masters,with RAM GBA-324 19 mm x 19 mm