Crystal Oscillator

Products include OCXO, MCXO, TCXO and VCXO that meet GR-1244-Core.002 standards(Stratum 2,3E and 3). These products have been used in several markets such as telecommunications, aerospace, industrial, medical, navigation, test and measurement, and instrumentation systems.

We work closely with customers and take part in the system design to meet their specific application requirements, such as low phase noise, high stability, high shock and vibration, low g-sensitivity, low jitter and extended temperature range.

Clock Equipment

DAPU has independently developed high-precision time-frequency technology, which perfectly combines the long-term stability of the satellite with the medium-term and short-term stability of local clock. The clock equipment can provide excellent performance of frequency and time reference, meeting PRC/PRTC. The equipment adopts standardized mechanical design to meet the  different industries" application.

 GPS-based timing

 IEEE® 1588 Precise Time Protocol (PTP)

 Network Time Protocol (NTP)